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Pickup Pets

If your Pickup Pet is a Buff Pet, the Buff Pet Window will show your pet's available Bead Slots.

are Premium pets that can be purchased from the Mushmoot Seller in Flaris or from the Premium Shop. Pickup Pets follow a player around picking up their Master's loot for them.

Some Pickup Pets are also Buff Pets. Buff Pets have 9 slots that can be unlocked with Bead Slot Keys Item-bead-slot-key.gif, sold by the Cash Shop Seller.

Additionally, Non-Buff Pets can be upgraded to Buff Pets utilizing a Pick-up Pet Upgrade.

Stat Beads Item-stat-bead.gif Item-stat-bead-2.gif fill the available Buff Pet Slots and provide extra stats to the player for a limited time.

Pickup Pets can also be Blessed to add further extra stats to their Master.

Key: Dshop= Donator Shop; RCM= Red Chip Merchant; MS= Mushmoot Seller

Pet Description Buff? Where to Get Price
Baby Lawolf No MS, dShop
Kitty No MS, dShop
Spike A Spike Pick-up Pet No MS, RCM, dShop 1k RC
The White Rabbit No MS, dShop
Tiny Tanuki Yes MS
Cheshire Cat A Cheshire Cat Pick-up Pet No RCM, dShop 1k RC
Lumia A Lumia Pick-up Pet No RCM, dShop 1k RC
Baby Bang A Baby Bang Pick-up Pet No RCM 1k RC
Baby Panda A Baby Panda Pick-up Pet No RCM, dShop 1k RC
Baby Cobra A Baby Cobra Pick-up Pet No RCM, dShop 1k RC
Cute Frog A Cute Frog Pick-up Pet No RCM, dShop 1k RC
Cute Hamburger A Cute Hamburger Pick-up Pet No RCM, dShop 1k RC
Baby Turtle A Baby Turtle Pick-up Pet No RCM, dShop 1k RC
Little Lykan A Little Lykan Buff Pet Yes RCM 1k RC
Baby Cow No MS, dShop
Baby Hamster No dShop
Baby Iguana No dShop
Baby Penguin No dShop
Baby Pig No dShop
Doggy No dShop
Cute Lamb No dShop
Baby Beagle No dShop
Baby Rabbit No dShop
Baby Aibatt No dShop
Small Baby Black Dragon No dShop
Baby Horse No dShop
Baby Monkey No dShop
Baby Chicken No dShop
Smart Owl No dShop
English Bulldog No dShop
Baby Fu Lion No dShop
Patches No dShop
Tommy Toucan No dShop
Johnny Four Wheels No dShop
Joey No dShop
Polar Bear No dShop
Baby Leyena No dShop
Baby Luia No dShop
Little Mia No dShop