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This is a map of the Savage Wilds. Players are required to kill all the Totems in order for Beast Overlord Khan to spawn. Other monsters are optional.

The entrance to the dungeon is near the Garbage Piders in Darkon 1 and requires a flying item to reach the island.

Lusaka Crystal Weapons are weapons attainable upon completing the instance dungeon The Savage Wilds or by purchasing them from the Donate Shop (dShop) in game.Other Players sometimes sell Lusaka Crystal Weapons in Private Shops.

Upon defeating the instance dungeon's boss monster Beast Overlord Khan, he has a chance to drop these weapons as well as jewelry. These weapons are class specific, ultimate weapons and are soul-linkable.

Name Level Req Job Req Damage Effect dShop Price
Lusaka's Crystal Sword.png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Sword 75-M Blade 569~571 Critical Hit +10%; Accuracy +20%; Atk. Speed +20%
Lusaka's Crystal Axe.png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Axe 75-M Blade 565~567 Critical Hit +20%; Additional Damage with Critical Hit +30%; Increased Attack +10%
Lusaka's Heavy Crystal Sword.png Ultimate Lusaka's Heavy Crystal Sword 75-M Knight 680~684 HP +20%; Long Range Block +10%; Short Range Block +10%
Lusaka's Heavy Crystal Axe.png Ultimate Lusaka's Heavy Crystal Axe 75-M Knight 694~706 HP +18%; STR +10; STA +10
Lusaka's Crystal Fist.png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Fist 75-M Billposter 569~571 HP +20%; Defense Power +10%; Short Range Block +10%
Lusaka's Crystal Stick.png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Stick 75-M Ringmaster 569~571 INT +20; DMMT +20%; MP +20%
Lusaka's Crystal Wand .png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Wand 75-M Psykeeper 569~571 INT +15; DMMT +17%; Attack Power +10%
Lusaka's Crystal Staff.png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Staff 75-M Elementor 576~582 INT +15; DMMT +10%; Attack Power +20%
Lusaka's Crystal Bow .png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Bow 75-M Ranger 534~539 Critical Hit +20%; Additional Damage with Critical Hit +45%; HP +20%
Lusaka's Crystal Yo-Yo.png Ultimate Lusaka's Crystal Yo-Yo 75-M Jester 478~481 Critical Hit +10%; Additional Damage with Critical Hit +20%; Attack Speed +10%