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Ancient Weapons are weapons only attainable through completing the instance dungeon Cursed Aminus Dungeon or by buying them in the Premium Shop under the Specials section for "dpoints". Upon defeating Dread Drakul the Diabolic, these weapons have a chance of dropping. These weapons are for players that are 120-M (Master) or higher. All ancient weapons that drop are Ultimate items and soul-linkable items.

Name Level Req Job Req Damage Effect dShop Price
Ancient One-Handed Axe.gif Ultimate Ancient One-Handed Axe 120-M Master Blade 611~613 Attack Speed+25%; Hit Rate+25%; Crit Rate+25% 35 dp
Ancient One-handed Sword.gif Ultimate Ancient One-Handed Sword 120-M Master Blade 616~618

Crit Rate+30%; ADOCH+40%; Attack Speed+25%

35 dp
Ancient Bow.gif Ultimate Ancient Bow 120-M Master Ranger 651~655 ADOCH+50%; Attack Rate+22%; Evasion Rate+19% 70 dp
Ancient Yoyo.gif Ultimate Ancient Yo-Yo 120-M Master Jester 581~584 Crit Rate+22%; ADOCH+36%; Attack Speed+22% 70 dp
Ancient Two-Handed Axe.gif Ultimate Ancient Two-Handed Axe 120-M Master Knight 820~833 Additional HP+20%; Attack Rate+10%; STA+15 70 dp
Ancient Two-handed Sword.gif Ultimate Ancient Two-Handed Sword 120-M Master Knight 803~806 Additional HP+30%; Ranged Attack Block Rate+30%; Melee Attack Block Rate+30% 70 dp
Ancient Wand.gif Ultimate Ancient Wand 120-M Master Psykeeper 691~694 INT+27; DMMT +29%; Attack Rate+26% 70 dp
Ancient Staff.gif Ultimate Ancient Staff 120-M Master Elementor 701~706 INT+35; DMMT +29%; Attack Rate+36% 70 dp
Ancient Knuckle.gif Ultimate Ancient Knuckle 120-M Master Billposter 616~618 Additional HP+23%; Defense Rate+15%; Melee Attack Block Rate+10% 70 dp
Ancient Stick.gif Ultimate Ancient Stick 120-M Master Ringmaster 691~694

INT +28;DMMT +28%; Additional MP+20%

70 dp